Is It Better to Pay Off Rentals Early With Extra Cash Flow or Traditional Nomad™?

Compare buying Nomading™ to Nomading™ where you pay off properties early with extra cash flow.

Investing in real estate is full of truthy-sounding falsehoods: it is always better to do X than Y. However, if you were crazy enough to sit down and do the math, you'd find the truth to be much more nuanced.

For example, should you take all your extra cash flow and savings and apply it to your mortgages each month to pay off rental properties faster? And if you do, is that a faster path to financial independence? Does it result in your having a higher overall net worth? A higher overall standard of living in retirement? Is it less risky to do that?

That's what we will discuss in this special comparison class.

I have analyzed over 300 US markets for someone utilizing the Nomad™ real estate investing strategy in two flavors. In one group, they do the traditional Nomad™ model and do not pay anything extra to pay off their mortgages early. In the other group, they do Nomad™ but they apply extra cash flow toward paying off their properties early.

Which group performs better in the metrics we outlined above? Is it universally better? Or is it market-dependent?

Find out in this mini-class.

Check out the video and interactive charts from this class here:

Or, see Lincoln specific, detailed analysis of a variety of strategies here:

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Is It Better to Pay Off Rentals Early With Extra Cash Flow or Traditional Nomad™?
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